The Memory Yields

Rooted deeply in both the history of photography and miniaturist painting, this collection of small-scale oil paintings blends the two together to explore how we access our memories. Figures are rendered in photo-realistic detail and immersed into a rich color field, serving as a malleable backdrop ripe with imaginative possibilities for the viewer. Our snapshots act as props and prompts, tools to bring ourselves closer to moments in the past, but there will always be distance between the memory and the moment. We constantly encounter limits on how well we remember and how much we are able to recall.

Different modes of memory afford differing perspectives into the past, but the process of recall merges all of them together. And they do after all have something in common. All memory transmutes experience, distills the past rather than simply reflecting it. We recall only a small fraction of what has impinged on us, let alone of all the environment displays. Thus memory sifts again what perception had already sifted, leaving us only fragments of the fragments of what was initially on view.
— David Lowenthal